Welcome to The Write Legacy LLC, an independent publishing company dedicated to crafting literary works that foster personal transformation, ignite positive change, and empower individuals.

Our Legacy books encompass a diverse range of genres, including anthologies, memoirs, devotionals, journals, poetry, self-help, Christian fiction, and children’s literature.

At The Write Legacy, we are passionate about bringing inspirational and transformative stories to life, ensuring that each piece of literature leaves a lasting impact on readers. Join us on a literary journey that sparks change and empowers hearts and minds.

Explore our collection today and discover the power of words to shape a legacy of transformation and inspiration.

Ashley Witcher is the visionary and Chief Executive Officer of The Write Legacy LLC. Ashley is an Amazon Best Selling Author who has published both with an independent publisher and self-published. Her first publication was released in June 2015. Since then she has worked as a freelance editor, published photographer, and contributed chapters to other best selling books. It was her heart for life-transforming literary works and the demand for quality services for “authorpreneurs” that birthed The Write Legacy. 

“The words you speak will last a lot longer than any amount of money you can leave behind. What kind of legacy will your words create for you?” ~ Ashley Witcher 

        Ashley Witcher, C.E.O.