Psalms 91


Praying the Word of God is a lethal weapon when used by the Believer from a place of revelation. Prayer is the means in which we communicate with our Father in Heaven to establish His will on Earth. Through prayer, we can find success and peace, yet many Believers struggle to hide the Word of God in their hearts. Without revelation, we remain in a place of being hearers only and not doers of God’s Word. This book is designed to take the reader to a deeper level of understanding and revelation of one of the Bible’s most well-known Psalms. Through verse-by-verse revelation, an image is created in the mind to help the believer see the Word in action and cause faith to rise in their hearts. Armed with faith and understanding this Psalms easily becomes a daily confession and an effectual and fervent prayer that will avail much. As you read this book, prepare for your prayer life to explode and take you deeper into the presence of God!


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